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Kayaking into Sunset

What is

Hypnotherapy can be simply defined as a method of exploring

the Subconscious Mind for the sake of addressing obstacles and finding solutions that lie just outside of your usual awareness.

In my practice, I've described the state of hypnosis as similar to that of meditation or lucid dreaming. While hypnosis does not actually put the subject to sleep, and subjects maintain contact with the external world, hypnosis creates a state of deep relaxation in which your suggestibility is heightened and your attention becomes focused. This allows for a rich experience of the

guided imagery and metaphors provided by your hypnotherapist.

By journeying through your consciousness in this way, you will be guided by the power of your own intuition toward the aspects of your internal experience that need your attention.


Whether you’re called to update undesired thought-patterns,

heal your inner-child, revisit and reprocess old memories,

mediate between conflicting aspects of yourself, or simply

return to remembering who you are at your core, hypnotherapy allows you to connect with your inner wisdom and develop a working relationship with your deeply-influential

Subconscious Mind.

Think of it like an interactive guided meditation tailored
to your own experience, where you can make decisions
in real time about how to respond to your inner world!



Get Hypnotized:

Guided Relaxation & Visualization

The hypnotic component of our sessions is what sets hypnotherapy apart from psychotherapy or talk therapy. There are many techniques for inducing the hypnotic experience, and your hypnotist will work with you to ensure that you enter this state of mind with ease. Your eyes will close, and you’ll settle into a comfortable position.

Your mind will be put into a state of heightened concentration and suggestibility. You will remain awake, aware, and in control the entire time, having total agency over whether to accept or reject any suggestion provided by the hypnotist. You’ll be able to respond to any questions asked, and you’ll retain awareness and recollection of our time together. All that is required of you is to listen carefully to the prompts and to allow your intuition to respond accordingly.


Emerge EmpowereD

Once your journey into the hypnotic state ends, you’ll be guided back into a state of greater wakefulness, awareness, and connectedness with the present moment. Your eyes will open, and you’ll be able to return to life having experienced another dimension of your own depth. From here, you’ll be able to share any takeaways or insights you feel compelled to relay. You will go on about your day, while your Subconscious Mind continues to process and implement whatever changes you’ve begun to nurture in your sessions.

Discuss The Details

We’ll start in a familiar place for those of you who have a history with traditional therapies. Each time we meet, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your experiences, concerns, goals, or objectives. Before we begin, you’ll also be able to ask any additional questions you may have regarding hypnotherapy. We’ll formulate a plan for your journey to the Subconscious Mind and move right into the hypnotic stage of the session.


Tailored Therapeutic Experience: "Going Within"

Our work together will always be uniquely tailored to your personal needs. The hypnotherapist will act as a facilitator, guiding you through whichever therapeutic process we decide to implement as a part of our plan from Step 1.

Sometimes this might look like venturing into the past to address a memory that might be informing your current perceptions. Other times, it might involve traveling into a particular place in the physical body and spending time noticing what you might be carrying there. Sometimes it might feel right to venture into a safe space of your own creation, allowing yourself the freedom to engage in the joy of imagination and the limitless possibility that lies in it. We might explore some additional metaphorical frameworks that’ll serve to help you tap into your inner resources for change. You can even sit to meet with your very own Subconscious Mind personified, and work together to develop a new, mindful, working relationship with this aspect of yourself.

No matter the journey, your options are virtually infinite!


Desert Highway


Personal coaching or life coaching has many different definitions. I think personal coaching is similar to sports coaching, but with mental and emotional exercises instead of physical ones. 

A personal coach is someone that sees what you are capable of and that teaches you the tools to get the very best out of yourself. 

You will discover what your values are, who your allies are, what your purpose is, and meet your leader within. This will create self-awareness and self-trust. You will learn to see life through different lenses, so you may continue with a mindset that sees possibilities and opportunities in life, and you will dive into the hard stuff standing in your way to find a clear and achievable way forward.

The best part is that you don't only walk away with a clear vision for your future, you also walk away with a skillset to create a roadmap to clarity whenever you might need it again in life! 

Think of it as a conversation with someone that sees you, and that challenges you to become your own greatest, empowered AF cheerleader.

HOW IT works



Evaluating where you are in the current moment will help you establish what opportunities you’re looking for in step 3. You will learn how to self-assess objectively.



With a better understanding and awareness of yourself, we will work on actionable ways forward that work best for you in reaching your goals. You will learn ways to hold yourself accountable not only on your way to reaching your goals, but also in life, by being your own greatest ally.


We start with what brings you to coaching, and determine your coaching agenda, which contains your goals. This will be at the core of our sessions and serves as a guide to stay on track.



Most of the coaching sessions will be spent here, exploring opportunities. You will learn what your values are, how to connect with and use your leader within and your allies, and you will learn more about your life purpose. We go through different coaching techniques that show you the power of being able to look at situations from different mindsets, and the limiting beliefs you hold will be challenged through powerful questions and other coaching techniques, so you can break free from what’s holding you back.



People are multifaceted.

Pathways to healing and growth should be, too.

In our vision for a collaborative approach to wellbeing, we set out to provide supplemental, synergistic support on either side of the present moment.


We know this approach works because we have both personally experienced its incredible transformative effects! Through the observations and experiences along our own journeys toward personal transformation, we discovered the impact of combining methods that allows you to look at both the past and the future simultaneously.


Combining Hypnotherapy and Coaching leaves no stone unturned, which is often the case when using only one method. The interconnected nature of our programs will allow you to take the experiences and lessons gathered from one practice into the other and vice versa. Enter this new era of cross-pollination so you can flourish on either side of the present moment, and notice how the variety nurtures your growth!

You have a past, a present, and a future. The Conscious Voyage grants you access to healing across the entirety of your timeline, with the potential to rewrite your current narratives by healing the past, becoming secure in the present, and building the future you really want.

Our programs are designed to target  both your underlying, subconscious programming AND your intentional, conscious action. This combination creates an environment of cooperation across the mind, effectively integrating your desires and goals into your internal belief system.

​It’s time for collaborative care that caters to YOU.

Hypnotherapy enables you to explore your mind, memory, and imagination through guided journeys into the aspects of yourself that are underlying your roadblocks. This oftentimes involves work around venturing into the past or into the roots of your limiting beliefs. Your present, as informed by the past, will be primed for growth. Unburdened by the weight of old wounds, empowered by the capabilities of your own intuition, you’ll transition from hypnotherapy into coaching.

Coaching challenges you to focus on where you are now and where you want to get to in the future. In coaching, you will actively take charge and consciously decide which new habits you will bring into play to support where you want to go and who you want to be. This process empowers you to build a vision for the future and holds you accountable as you take the steps to see that vision realized.

Not only will you emerge with the confidence of knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, you will have the tools to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Through our services, you can discover how to harness your true values, and your true strengths, along with your inner-most thoughts, and beliefs.


Our mission is to give you the power to begin working with your mind rather than against it.

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