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Céline Fivez - Personal Coach

Céline Fivez

Céline is a professional butterfly with a rich background in varying fields that led her to become an inner development and confidence coach. Following her formal training with the Co-Active Training Institute, she started her coaching practice with a mission to support people’s paths to leading a fulfilled life.

Naturally curious and inquisitive, Céline has been a student of the psyche for 13+ years, and is walking proof of the transformative effects achieved by the combinatory support of hypnotherapy and coaching. Seeing people as naturally resourceful, creative and whole, Céline guides her clients to their inner magic, self-trust and confidence that is inherently theirs to move any mountain with or turn any dream into reality with.


As an avid advocate for inner development and growth leading to meaningful and fulfilling lives, Céline invites you to discover your inner driver and create the life you want to live.  

Marlo Camacho has been passionately transforming lives as a professional Hypnotherapist since 2016. She received formal training and certification as a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. 

Marlo Camacho - Hypnotherapist

Marlo Camacho

An avid meditator and devoted student of consciousness, Marlo herself has benefited immensely from the techniques she applies in her sessions. Her insights as a practitioner of deep self-inquiry and analysis have provided a precious perspective on what it is to take the plunge to journey within. With Marlo as your Hypnotherapist, you’ll discover how powerfully profound your inner wisdom can be. Through this work, you’ll have the opportunity to access your very own Subconscious Mind and step into a greater awareness of your personal control over your own subconscious programming. Healing old wounds and addressing deep-seated mindsets from the comfort of the present moment, you'll awaken to the power of a new perspective. 

Having guided hundreds of individuals through rapid and lasting transformations across the years, Marlo warmly invites you to open yourself up to all that you contain. Transformation awaits! 

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