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The Conscious Voyage™

A NEW Collaborative Approach to Holistic Healing & Wellbeing

A NEW COLlABORATive approach

The groundbreaking idea of offering mental health support that combines two vastly different methods came from personal experience. In 2021 Céline got to experience the powerful combination between hypnotherapy and coaching first hand. Here’s how she describes it.

Hypnotherapy healed me, it broke open old wounds from which I was living and reprogrammed accompanying limiting beliefs to positive and loving ones. 

Coaching ingrained in me a trust, a knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to in this life,

that I can build any future I want, it motivated me.


The combination of a healed heart with the motivation to build a life rather than just living one has no bounds. A healing journey that gifts you alignment and peace. 

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Meet the Team

Hypnotherapist Marlo Camacho and personal coach Céline Fivez join forces to usher in a new age of collaboration that will redefine the road to wellbeing.

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